Speaking in Tongues in the Bardo

3 min readOct 16, 2017

Inescapably empathic earth monkey, joyful traceuse of the intellect, aesthetically driven hedon; seeking sanity and comradery in interwebs of post-patriarchal (Goddess willing, if she’ll have us), capitalist society. Bohemian, Darwinian autodidact. Often disenchanted and decidedly desperate participant in, and of, the dialog. #EverythingIsRelative #BeHereNow #StayWoke.

Increasingly — and unavoidably — aware of the power of people and their words (among other powerful modes of communication) and the cost of unaddressed emotional distress compounded by centuries of cognitive dissonance and aggressive apathy; evidenced outwardly by an uptick in anxiously addictive, divisive and down-right psychopathic behavior, the (sheer existence and) continued generation of nuclear and biological armaments, increasingly erratic global weather patterns and continued genocide. Ouch. Ouch. #OUCH!

Continually confounded by importance placed on pRO_dUCT and pRO_gRESS. These concepts — like all words, in any language — are complicitous of their inception or origin, creata hominibus. Because of impermanence and the current rapid disappearance of memory, should not more importance and attention be shifted to pRO_cESS? Change is the only true constant. A life unplanned is not worth examination. Are we destined to plummet, like some rogue asteroid - weakening our bonds with each other and our precious planet — hurtling toward our extinction? Are humans incapable of true and necessary evolution?

Ultimately disappointed in the fragility and shallow nature of this mortal frame. Professionalism and the importance of self knowledge has been trivialized, bastardized, even raped and left for dead by those who would hold sway over our lesser selves. (Sad.) However, at this moment in the trajectory of our collective history, the notion that one must earn one’s own respect in order to earn recognition and respect in the corporeal — as well as the non-corporeal — is presenting itself as a true possibility. All outward (and inward) indications would dictate. Despite the material plane having taken a strangle hold on our humanity for the last five decades — the spirit is not completely lost. With each devastating earthquake, tsunami, tornado and flood, brought on by our inability to change course, #YangWins. And Shiva, Gaia, Amaterasu … call her by what name she answers — #She responds, in kind, calling the shots for every living creature on the planet.

Dear Humans,

We have reached critical mass and terminal velocity. Those of us with opposable thumbs are now messing with earth’s trajectory —no longer geometrically, now exponentially. #EarthIsNotHappy. What ever shall we do? I think #TimesUp. We must #SubmitToHer #HumbleYourself and #RememberWhereYouComeFrom #GoHomeStayHome (at least for a good long while, until we stop messing things up for every one of us — living and yet to be born). You don’t necessarily have to learn and understand the science that substantiates these facts to know this. You only need #TrustYourGut.

Cyber space seems to be the new medium for examination of humanity’s folly and truest virtue — as shared in words, images, sounds (bytes) — and most recently, touch (no smell or taste yet, #ThankAtman!); reduced and translated into a finite stream of ones and zeros. How convenient for us — what providence. Today, these are the elevated (and swiftly coveted) avenues of expression and meaningful connection. I suppose this step was inevitable. So before humans devolve themselves into data fodder for world markets; will enough of us be able to lift the ‘veil of the material’ in time? Will enough of us be able to recognize our own true value and embrace our #TrueOrigin? We are all of the same genus — but we continue to struggle with the final step in our #DeEvolution. In truth, our salty water bodies are all we humans have to overcome the tsunami of the technologically born subconscious detritus we all continue to vomit and hopefully, not drown in. Will we be rocked to sleep in our end days by the hand of Robbie the Robot? Will the physical creation of all these ones and zeros make a GD metaphysical difference? I’m beginning to wonder. Aren’t you?

#YouToo ??? #KeepSpeaking in familiar and unfamiliar tongues #BrothersAndSistersOfTheBardo. #ComeToYourSenses #GoToHer #BeHumble #RespectHer #RespectYourself #BreatheAndDanceThrough. I’ll be here as long as my salty synaptic self can afford. ;) #PeaceAndCarrots ❤




Still learning how to live on planet earth ~ please, #RespectHer! The rest will resolve itself. Using spare time to #ChampionHumanity #AI is learning. #BeKind