There is more to this world, this human life, than what we can perceive through the physical senses. Acknowledgement is the first step.

It’s #YourMasterpiece

11 min readApr 20, 2020


In case you haven’t noticed, this spring is — quite suddenly and for some — an unexpectedly great time to start, get going on, or finish your masterpiece. Perhaps you’ve already caught on to this fact and are well on your way to finding a method to do this, to #WorkOnIt. We all know these types of projects are never really done, so if you haven’t started yet — you may as well take a look at what you have to work with and start thinking about how you’re going to do it — #YourMasterpiece (Ahem… that’s code for *YOU*).

One of the first things you’ll need is a decent collection of materials to work with. Some of us gather these things inherently, not realizing why or what for — until one day it dawns on us, “This is it! This is what my masterpiece is all about! These are the materials I will use to create with.” Some of us have known and have been collecting, and using these (for some, meta)physical materials as we can to flesh out our unique expression. And then there are those of us who see the masterpiece, almost completed, but still struggling to find the one element that is missing from making it whole. Regardless, you can’t really start on your masterpiece until you have something to work with — this is just a basic rule of the material world. A good thing to remember as you go; mass can neither be created or destroyed — a law of physics and quantum mechanics (Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.)

Perhaps you’ve stockpiled what you think you need. Perhaps you’re one who works to amass materials, following the directive from some seemingly indelible order, an unseen echo or an ever present shadow. These types of people are driven forward, almost with haphazard urgency — often tragically, and nearly completely dis-associated from the why or how, so as to trample over every one and everything in their path. These are the blind, deaf and unknowing that need to be awakened to their truest desire and earthly task. By the way, it’s Ok if you find yourself in this predicament. There’s still time to come to better understanding. Now is the perfect time to make an effort to do it — to better understand what your marching orders are, and where they are coming from. Yes, #YouToo can #BecomeSelfAware.

This spring and for the next nine springs, it is more important now — as in imperative — that each of us recognizes 1) where we fall on this spectrum of collection of the physical and metaphysical materials for our own personal expression — for our personal masterpiece - and 2) what this masterpiece will be. Are you happy where you are, enjoying the things you have around you — continuing to learn, grow and express with what you have? Or are you killing yourself with fear, distrust and grief with the lack of support you feel — from within and without? This is the question we all must ask ourselves. The truth is, the goods are there for the taking, we need only recognize that currently, due to so many tiny yet looming circumstances , we are all — #Blessedly once again — in the same exact time and space we were in when we were born to this earthly plane; yet another #AgeofReason.

So I’m offering all humans — of the age of consent — homework this year. If you’re game, the assignment will be ongoing — but I promise, the pay off will be invaluable. [If you’re not of age, read on — and know those of us who still have #Agency in making things right for the rest of you are #WorkingOnIt. ❤]

The April New Moon, as luck and providence would have it, falls on Wednesday April 22nd, 2020 — which is in the Northern Hemisphere, recognized as Earth Day. What better time to recognize our need to honor the ritual of sowing spring seeds in the ever fertile soil and polluted predicament of our precious earth? She’s been through a hell of a lot in the past century, in terms of abuse and neglect — and it’s no big secret that the current state of our lives, as individuals and as the race of homo sapiens — is a partial or direct indication of these consequences. (Again, another law of physics — Newton’s 3rd; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.)

Perhaps you do not see the parallels that are occurring here between the outer and inner worlds, but the rest of us — who are vibrating, in part or in whole, with this undeniable message — are acutely aware of the personal and shared homework we’ve all been handed as humans. The little things like skin color, gender, religion or geographical location are no longer relevant in this time of recognition, reassessment and true ownership of our #PowerAndPurpose. Yes, our #PersonalAgency Our masterpieces should be — or soon become — evident to us. If it isn’t, let’s commit ourselves to working on this for the next little bit of time we have together on planet earth, yes?

If you recognized and received the gifts of 2021’s March’s Full Worm Moon, you may better understand the urgency of 2020’s May’s New Flower Moon gift. But if you’re still up in the air about the imperative importance of the human spirit, science and our shared reality, than you may have missed it. So here’s my suggestion for you who may still be lost.

On this April Earth Day New Moon of 2020, go back to the beginning — when you were an itty bitty baby and think of how life may have been for you. Now imagine that the time, space and energy that you were afforded at the start — by nature and other realized, loving human beings — is the energy you can tap into right now, to determine where you need to spend your energies this spring. Stop kidding yourself and listen to yourself — *you* are in control here. You need not hand your personal authority over to some old system of apparent dysfunction. You are the dreamer of dreams and the singer of songs. These energies of nurtured autonomy are the very same energies we all need within ourselves to nurture and grow, so that we can better nurture and heal ourselves, each other and our beautiful planet in the coming years. The Taurus New Moon is also one of reconnecting with the life giving forces; of the elements and the gifts of the elements you hold within yourself. So you’ll have another opportunity to #TuneIn and give it another shot. This is the power of the material — *your* material (which, like it or not — includes the metaphysical world.). This is also the gift and power of our shared humanity and our home, the earth and the small cluster of planets we reside within that circle our sun.

It strikes me that in this time of global pandemic, many of us are struggling to live — because we’ve been denied access to the basics; for almost half of us in the United States (where the Pandemic rages on, sadly with so much fodder for fuel), our jobs have been taken — so we’ve no money to buy food, secure our shelter or the utilities we need to live in health and security. Is it necessary that we live this way? (Perhaps it IS necessary, if you live in a country to proud to change its ways.) This is true, to some degree, but not entirely. Honestly, the fact that there are more than half of us in this predicament seems almost inconceivable, but this is the challenge and gift of this Taurus/Flower New Moon. It also strikes me that the 49% that have been denied the opportunity to work are considered non-essential — yet, many of us are in the industry of service. Service to other humans, but not necessarily the planet — to put it more succinctly. Is the maintenance of our humanity essential under the current circumstances? You tell me. Our true power in times like these is to focus on utilizing what is at our immediate disposal — which is the ability to think and act as an embodied human, truly — for some of us - one of the harder tasks of this assignment.

Many Americans live lives — as user/consumers- relishing the opportunity to express our individuality through the sheer act. This can be a beautiful expression of self, as long as it is connected directly to the most sincere desire of the expression. Otherwise, the act is empty and without intention. We see people of celebrity and security giving what they can to their immediate circles. This is a beautiful expression of our humanity and of #Humility. It to our great fortune that a large part of the half of us whom actually have everything we need, are willing to share. And it is even more beautiful that those of us that do not have what we need, have the open heart and humility to receive it. As long as we stick together - across boundaries of definition and division - and keep working to communicate and express our needs to one another, I think we’ll be just fine. Luckily, for nearly all 8 billion of us, the materials we each need to complete our masterpieces are actually closer to hand than we’ve ever (been forced to) imagine. (And by force, I hope you understand what I mean.)

The saddest truth and shared burden of this moment is that there are still humans walking the planet that believe that they are above all others. There are still humans who roam the earth thinking they are divinely chosen to live as other — not like aliens or the inhabitants of the city of Atlantis — but that they need not share the wealth of their person, their amassed earthly materials and immaterial thoughts and machinations. These are the people that are clogging up the flow of #GratitudeAndProsperity for all of us. They typically run around in groups, parading false signs of enlightenment and screaming hollow epithets. But you can also usually find at least one of them in nearly every circle of your friends and family, so your homework requires you pull these people into your conversations in the coming weeks — Ok? Let’s face it, they probably need you more than you need them at this point. This is the work we all must continue to do.

The gift of the Taurus New Moon is precisely this. How can you sow your earthly time, energy and space in a way that will grow in the fertile realm of the physical and metaphysical world you were born to? Is your heart a generous one? Are you curious if the person next to you is doing Ok? Do you even have the will to act on discovering the answer to this question? Do you become enraged at the idea of being forced to drink fouled water or breathe polluted air? Or perhaps, sadly, you feel this is what you deserve. Do you cherish and relish the winds and rains that still gust through in spring, blowing away and saturating what is dead so that new things can be born again in the warm light of the sun? If you have gratitude for what you DO have, you must find a way to give it — to yourself and in turn — to those around you. If you don’t have it, you need to find what you DO have to give. If you do not or can not give anything, it is your task to discover what these things might be — and then give/have/do these things for yourself.

Truthfully, I fear for the health and well being of all humans in these troubled times. Perhaps you need to go further back than the moments of your birth and travel back to the point of your inception to this earthly plane. There are consequences and outcomes to every action, this includes setting intention. This is where stagnation ends and flow begins. Regardless, we’ve all work to do if were going to continue to complete our masterpieces in time. Each of us are allotted a prescribed amount, no more — no less.

The earth is patiently waiting for our answer, but it’s up to every single one of us to do our homework on this. Don’t think you can get out of doing it. Yes, we will be making mistakes, but as long as you #DoYourHomework #WeAllWin I’d give you a few examples, but I think you probably already have a pretty good picture of the people I’m talking about. We are all humans deluded by power at some point in our lives. We all desperately seek control, but the truth is we can only have it when we are all acting with the same vibration.

Humans, I implore you. Think on what you have, on what truly matters, before you act on sowing your seeds of the New Flower Moon which will resonate with us for almost a decade. Your seeds this spring will take root faster and bloom more abundantly — in the incredibly rich pile of garbage we’ve been swimming through for decades — for some, centuries — now. This incredible and ultimate struggle we all find ourselves in is the best fertilizer of all. Besides having our jobs taken, being denied our ability to spend our money and ‘consume’ as we see fit by being quarantined - this one unprecedented occurrence is the most obvious indication of the true nature and cycle of all things. It’s time to start working in earnest — as an embodied player on #TeamHuman. Find courage to give what you have and do what you can so that you — and #AllOfUs — can be showered with the flowers and fruit of your/our shared intentions when it is time.

Depending on where you are in time and space, and the degree to which you feel what love has been afforded by and to you, this will determine what seeds you will sow this spring — for yourself and those around you. #ListenCarefully to your heart and the hearts of those you love. Just practice listening, it’s a life time practice we rarely fully perfect. Find the seed of your deepest intention and lift it to the light. #DigDeep These seeds will either be growing for a very long time — for all of us the share and enjoy, or they will die — giving way to other seeds that were meant to grow and become integral parts of the greater. I am confident this time in the spectrum of humanity will be called another Age of Enlightenment. The earth has been kind enough to give us a second chance. It can only be explained by the true miraculous potential of our collective materials — physical and meta-physical, as humans.

As it’s always been, it comes down to choice. This is your will. This is OUR will. We have to learn to live together, somehow. This is the ultimate gift of earth. If you disagree with this fact, try wearing your favorite sneakers to see you favorite sports event, listening to your favorite music while eating your favorite sports snacks — while you’re dead. That is the answer and retort to this April’s New Moon — the Scorpio Full Moon. [Wait for it … wait for it … ah HA. There it is, just as anticipated.] So please, make time and space - use your energy to #DoYourHomework this time around. Work on your Masterpiece. Please. Making this choice — when, why or how to act — or even NOT to act — is still an action of some sort. Perhaps you’re not ready. Take your time. We’re going to be here (fingers crossed) for awhile. And besides, we’ll all be here — patiently waiting for you to join #TeamHuman when you’re ready. It’s not such a bad place… we are all heroes here!

I’ll be back to check on you, with more homework when you’re ready. The work to be done in #ThisBusinessOfLove is (hopefully) never done. #GoTeamHuman ❤




Still learning how to live on planet earth ~ please, #RespectHer! The rest will resolve itself. Using spare time to #ChampionHumanity #AI is learning. #BeKind