The Gift of Flowers in May

5 min readMay 6, 2020

The Extremity of Truth

Each May we enter the phase of visible signs of promise — in a cycle of manifesting awareness. The May Full Moon, also known as the Flower Moon, usually falls right around Mother’s Day, which follows Earth Day in late April. The bright light of this Full Moon draws lines of black and white into perspective for every living thing.

This year’s May Scorpio Full Moon is as intense as ever, as we enter a new phase of collective consciousness brought on by — you guessed it — the Coronavirus. The truth of the moment is buried within the role that science plays, as we swiftly approach the horizon of our collective consciousness. Are we ready for the extremity of truth? Brace yourself.

Believe it or not, there are some individuals that would have you believe that the Covid 19 Pandemic is a hoax. These people can’t be bothered with facts. They have to continue doing what they were sent here to do — what ever that is — so it’s probably best to just get out of their way. (Seriously, give them a very, very wide berth. As they have literally no regard for their own well being, why would you expect them to have any regard for your own?) And then there are those that would have you believe that the Covid 19 Coronavirus is a man-made, genetically manufactured agent of biowarfare. These people are on the opposite side of the spectrum as the first, arrogantly believing that these tiny biological agents of utter destruction could only be manufactured by a nefarious and darkly driven human, intent on wreaking mass destruction — as lesser men have been so prone to do over the ages. This seems a stretch, but given the numerous post-apocalyptic pandemic movies in the past 50 years — the shear idea alone could have given it legs. It may very well be possible that this new strain of virus may have been a mistake that escaped from a biological engineering lab, but it is highly improbable — given the enormous epidemiological curve humanity continues to — again, collectively — climb.

Cold and clear cut science says something different. Scientists all over the globe are working — many together, crossing borders and all types of barriers — to find an antibody to combat this most recent, deadly strain of virus. These humans, who add to the greater dialog of our species in their own unique way, are driven by their curiosity. But make no mistake, they are also driven by a need for security. Many sadly, perhaps unknowingly, to their own undoing.

Security is at stake. We are born to the fight that this world gives us. All living creatures are born to the fight. Some are born purely oblivious and learn the truth only later, when perhaps it is too late. All this to say, the fight for our security isn’t over yet folks. These are the extreme truths of this very moment. If we are to work our way out of this, we are going to have to examine everything — the good and the bad, for better or for worse. And wouldn’t you know it, we are just getting started here — collectively, as a race of humans — for the first time. The precipice of this moment is — as they keep saying again and again — unprecedented.

This May Flower Full Moon has a bit of soul medicine for all of us:

We need results.
We need a way forward.
We need a way to embrace our personal truth.
We need the finality of security — no matter what it looks or feels like, no matter the cost.

We need all of these things now, with all the resolute urgency of retribution — in true Scorpionic style. Lucky for all of us — no matter what we think about the current pandemic — we are all beholden to ourselves first, and consequently, one another. It’s true, there is no sector of business (or the continued cycle of the material world) on the planet that has not been effected — in some seemingly erratic way — by this global occurrence. Although there is no security in the unknown, there is definitely a bit of great news for us humans — and that is the gift of this Scorpio Full Moon.

If each of us can recognize and honor our personal truth — about how we feel and how we choose to act on these personal truths — then there is one common variable of security for ourselves and consequently, for all of us. Are you an outgoing person that readily shares the gifts of your personal truths? Or are you more introverted, feeling perhaps what you have to share may or may not be worthy of others interest or acceptance? Either way, it’s going to be in everyone’s best interest if we can figure these things out so we can work together to provide security for one another — all nearly 8 billion of us.

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No matter your take on the truth of the moment — and what ever deity, origin story (or lack thereof) it may, or may not involve — you need to #OwnIt and figure out what you can do to make your life more secure. If you’ve no signs of flowers or fruit this May, you may believe you do not need either of them in your life to be secure. But guess again. Just because these things are not seen or sensed, does not mean they are not present. Some where out there, some one is cultivating healthy color in the grace of the sun, the refreshing waters that are falling from our (now briefly unpolluted) skies, and our unflagging earth that continues to bear us all forward — toward what you ask? Well, I guess that’s for *YOU* to decide. Be gracious for what is sensed, and not seen, heard, tasted or touched — these are the gifts our ancestors have left for us, a proverbial trail of subconscious bread crumbs. #DoYourHomework, pick up on where you may have dropped the trail — and I promise you, we’ll all be just fine.

Reporting from planet earth, till next time. ❤




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