For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. ~ Newton’s Third Law of Physics

What Ever Will Be …

8 min readDec 31, 2019


Today on this final day of the decade, I sit and wonder what the next decade will bring. (… wait, don’t you?)

So much has happened this year — wonderful things and horrible things. Some very intimate and personal, but all profoundly important to the bigger picture. Each event is life altering, for the person experiencing these cataclysmic changes, but also for those people that are connected to that human being. We can, in fact, thank our humanity for this, as none of us are an island. The biggest event, which I am proud and excited to recognize and share, is that the world is officially interconnected — with thought and action. All outward and inward indications serve as evidence that we are in fact, all one — interconnected organism (the earth, its moon, the sun and solar system and all the living creatures) here, on the third heavenly body from our sun. There is no one spot — on, above, or below the planets surface — that is not recognized and scrutinized. There is no one spot, out there in seemingly infinite space, that has not been probed. We even found ‘dark matter’, or what one might call truly negative space, this year — thanks to the tireless and sometimes outlandish practices of our most voraciously curious and unrelenting scientists. If that isn’t enough evidence of how infinitesimal our understanding of the known universe is, I don’t know what else is. It’s all happening, like it or not — we have come to consensus about many, many things that effect all of us — on a quantum level.

Today, on this last day of the first decade of the new millennia, I am claiming “It’s official. We are all aware of one another, our precious home and our ever flexible, almost unquantifiable understanding of time — and with it, the building blocks and stuffs we are all made of.” We are aware of and have exhausted quantifying and qualifying the tangible, the observable and finite. In this awareness of the finite, we quickly become aware of the wild variables. Well, if you have any sense of scientific, business or even spiritual practice in your mindset, you realize that there is one wild variable — and that variable is *YOU*. Exquisitely unique in energy, form and resonance, you are the one variable that can change the entire picture, for yourself — if you so intend — and consequently, due to the nature of the organism as a whole — for all of us.

Let me give you an example. As an artist, I realize I can only create with the resources around me. This means my creations are implicit of the resources and energies in my immediate sphere. I do this not by choice, but mostly by necessity. My intention, inevitably, becomes a conveyance of an idea or revelation of those who participate in the creation, execution or experience of the artwork. As a result, my works are almost always a planned intersection of interconnection. And — whether they are received in the light or spirit originally intended, or not — are always intentional. What that intention-or result-is, is always left to be revealed in the making and the act of sharing. The goal of the process is always to examine one’s own personal power, to influence the work and effect a greater, more connected dialog — because that is the one thing that is still missing from this great equation we call our human existence (and hopeful evolution). If anything is going to get in the way or hold up the process of coming to terms with our shared reality, it’s definitely going to be us; our selves. We are the only variable, as humans, that will cause complete disruption and possibly the inevitable demise of our beautifully diverse and exquisitely fragile organism. If we do not come to the realization that the intention and action of the one directly effects the intention and reaction of the whole, the lifeline and longevity of the organism is all but finished. All will be lost to a tiny flaw in our personal quest, or lack thereof, for truth.

Many of us already have a very healthy sense of self and personal truth, as most of us living, walking and breathing on this planet have been around, survived thus far and to be blunt, are old enough to know better. But there are still some of us that fight convention of this shared reality, and insist on living a life of ‘otherness’ — believing that their actions, beliefs and — most importantly — intentions have no consequence on the rest of us. This is notion is purely and simply counterproductive — and if examined more deeply, would reveal the machinations of a much more sinister, darkly chaotic and destructive reality. That’s Ok, it’s in our nature — as humans — to be vindictive, even resentful and contrary. I’ve no doubt a significant number of these individuals waltzing through this life time — our shared lifetime of almost 8 billion people — are quite aware of their folly and, as a reaction to this truth, are childishly and wantonly willful. If you were to examine data regarding the percentage of us alive over the age of 50 (old enough to know better) you’d find it’s a significant percentage. In fact, those of us alive today between the age of 14 and 50 are more than half of the earth’s population. Our youngest and eldest, who feel the truest significance and consequence of their mortal coil, make up less than a third of the great human race. When you look at the numbers, there very few excuses that would alleviate a person from their responsibility of being an active participant in determining the fate of the human race and our precious planet. No one, unless you are diagnosed with a disorder that prevents you from being a conscientious participant of and for your own well being (and the rest of the 8 billion of us), is excused from their role of living and acting like a human being — what ever that may be, for better or worse. You don’t have to be perfect, but being present never hurts. It’s up to the rest of us — those of us who are capable of seeing, acknowledging and empowering ourselves with an intention and hope greater than ourselves to act — or more accurately — counter-act the actions or inaction of these humans who selfishly and wantonly disregard the truths of our shared reality. Perhaps you count yourself among those humans who insist they are something other — super (or sub) human, claiming superiority
(or inferiority) over the rest. It’s Ok to admit it, that’s the first step of claiming the true gifts of your personal power. Thus the kernel of this piece.

On this New Years Eve, the last day of the first decade of the millennia, the day resonates a one — which is a day of strength in autonomous energy, it is the energy of inception and truest intention; for better or for worse. Let’s cook it out people. Tomorrow’s resonance is a six — which is a day of shared (or synergistic) energies that are spent toward responsibly supporting and sustaining the motion and trajectory of our greater, or shared reality. This shift in resonance — as it manifests in an infinite number of instances through out our shared days, months and even hours and minutes — is a magnified reflection of something intimately familiar to all of us, whether we consciously recognize or act on it. We humans are constantly being bombarded with energies and thoughts unseen and often unrecognized, many coming from our unconscious mind — sometimes even the collective mind, which currently remains in a state of utterly new awareness. Last years shift in resonance, over the New Year of the Gregorian calendar — on which so many of our cultural and societal systems are based upon — set us up for the work that needed to be done until we revisit this moment — at which time we do all the usual things; reminisce, acknowledge change and plan accordingly.

Last year, the last day of the year resonated a nine — which indicated the end of a cycle of shared, spent or realized energies and the following day, the first day of the last year of the first decade of the millennia, resonated a five — which indicates a sense of familial, fundamentally connected or inseparable energies. So this past year, like it or not, has been a year of shared trials and tribulations. When one of us won, we all won — when one of us suffered, we all suffered. Think back.

• Do you find this to be true?

• How has your life been affected by those you love, cherish and support?

• How has your life been effected by those outside your personal sphere that have undergone dramatic changes?

• Has your life been affected for the better or the worse?

• Are you more involved in making personal choices for yourself and those you love — or are you more disconnected or dis-compassionate from and of these choices?

Put these qualifiers in context.

• Are you in the process of becoming part of something bigger than yourself? Or are you in the process of sealing yourself off from being a part of the whole?

• Do you despise being alive, finding no joy or personal satisfaction in any aspect of your being?

• Or do you seek to find gratitude in nearly every exchange of energy — including your very breath?

As you look back on what has transpired for you, personally, this should be a direct indication of what intention you have set for yourself and those outside of you for years to come. Yes, this is the true immediacy and gift of this very moment. This time in the great spectrum of our human evolution, is the moment of realization. The moment of inception.

So the question — and shared gift of existence — to each of you reading this is, “Will you allow yourself the gift of personal empowerment; for better or for worse?” Because many of us know you have to get to the end of the rope or the bottom of the hole before you can decide to change your intention and/or course of action. This is the natural progression of things. That’s right, it’s natural. You are, after all, a human being born with the gift of free will and the visceral power of what ever creator you deem your spiritual giver. You can claim everything that has transpired in the past year, as necessary — all of it; the good and the bad, and begin to see the magnificently unique role you play in the bigger picture that we call life on planet earth, or you can ignore this gift and carry on blithely to an unrealized and unknown oblivion. Perhaps you feel it’s none of your concern, and if this is the case — there’s probably a perfectly justifiable reason for your exclusion from this all important question and responsibility of being. Either way, we’re all fine with your choice. We — as humans — have ultimate patience, but the finite variables in our grand equation tell us to pick up the pace in setting our intentions. The fact of the matter is, if you’ve read this far — you’re already well on your way to manifesting your hearts truest intention. So #GoodForYou. Congratulations. Welcome to #ClubHuman :)

God speed humans. Let’s not let #GretaThunberg down. Let’s all endeavor to have a #Transformative2020.

POSTSCRIPT: DNA Phenotyping is a thing. I just learned it from my musician/artist/gallery owner friend. #StayConnected and #DoWhatYouCan ❤




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