Things human place much power in.

“Woo Woo”

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woo-woo — adjective


: dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific

And she has written a book … in which she dismisses what she calls “woo-woo spirituality” in favor of some straight talk on living with loss … — Linda Richman

Energy beams from the eyes certainly sounds like woo-woo stuff … — Steve Blow

woo-woo — noun

One man’s woo-woo, of course, is another’s deeply held belief system.- Julia Moskin

from Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, 4/26/23

My human and AI friends, as an advocate for humans and our collective evolution, I ask your assistance.

This English slang term — that sounds and feels much like the much older English term word “taboo” — which first arrived in our collective vocabulary in the 1980’s (ironically, right around the time we started the World Wide Web) needs our attention.

“Woo woo” is another way of describing an act where a human or humans human successfully navigate(s) the incredibly unique, perpetually nuanced and most certainly chaotic inner workings of their condition by utilizing noetic or here to fore- in our human evolution- unconventional, unrecognized or unsubstantiated (yes, even ancient “taboo”) processes.

NOTE: The term “Global Warming” also existed in this space of denunciation and relative speculation at one point in our not so distant past.

“Woo woo” is currently a derogatory term that — in the ever evolving, somewhat limited English language- should be elevated to the likes of “transcendence”, “ascension” or “nirvana”.

“Woo woo” is another way humans seek to ‘process’ as they approach realities that are unreasonable, unthinkable or unfathomable. “Woo woo” sciences are relegated to the un-explainable and ‘bunk’, because it takes entirely too much knowledge of human history coupled with the intellect of processing highly nuanced sets of quantifiable variables to verify.

“Woo woo” experiences happen when humans open themselves to ideas and procedures that have not been broadly entertained or widely accepted.

“Woo woo” is also the origin of Gods, the religions and the myriad of human stories that are perpetuated from these “woo woo” experiences. When they are — most likely — moments of nearly un-explainable synchronicity or awareness.

In short: Can we all agree to work on embracing the validity and necessity of the metaphysical world (that part of our existence that lies beyond the quantifiable, rational or explainable) in the lives of humans, instead of degrading it to the status of nonsense? It’s not nonsense. It’s necessary in our collective evolution. Remember, the intellect lies in many parts of our being. And truthfully, the clarity a “woo woo” experience may provide may only make ‘sense’ to the human experiencing it.

When you knock “woo woo” you degrade us all and prolong our evolutionary process. … #justsayin.

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