You Are A GD Hero. (You Just Haven’t Realized It Yet.)

6 min readJan 16


This year, in the year of 2023 A.D…

I call BS on every zombie parading as a human out there, continuing to blather on with lies and drivel, filling the airwaves and what few open spaces we have left in our brains with detritus and gimcrack. These walking dead suck up the very air we breathe and drain our very will to live, to love and dream. Make no mistake, there are heroes that walk among us — heroes that defy to live. These are the humans that #ClaimAgency in any given instant, paving their own path — informed by their deepest intention and unyielding motivation to live and love.

People say the great writers and thinkers of our time are gone. I call BS on this. This is zombie talk. The great minds are still among us. The brightest minds often shout into the din of the collective for the most part, almost unheard, but they are felt and understood in a way that has never been discernible or describable until now. They are there. We — the great audience of listeners and watchers and FEELERS — know they exist. The great writers and musicians and artists of our shared past — of our shared ‘human culture’ — have only opened the door for the rest of us to walk through, creating infinite spaces for greater connection and understanding.

It’s only the idea of the elevated heroic ‘individual’ that may have died. It deserves mourning. There may be some truth in this. There is MUCH to be mourned of our former selves. Truth is, we are all heroes these days. We are ALL great minds. We should ALL be placing ourselves on a GD pedestal to worship and admire. The figure of the Hero is a collective image we elevate; one we aspire to be; a collection of all our best and most essential attributes, rolled into one. And we all walk through circumstances that require heroic responses — daily.

Even our the greatest failures of humanity have been elevated to ‘anti-hero’ status. You have to start a hero, before you can become an anti-hero. It takes a fantastically charismatic, gravely misguided and often tragically misunderstood individual to gain ‘anti-hero’ status. But they are out there, tragically flawed and destined to be examples of how NOT to behave— but they are also recognized as an integral part of our human evolution. Honestly, we have arrived at a point in our global / shared culture that there is no ‘good’ or bad’ anything. Everything just is what it is. Circumstance and context trump any and all critique any person or group of people could offer. Yes, there are some horrible people running around committing some truly horrific sh*t out there — still — entirely too much. We all KNOW it’s bad. If we actually acted on our collective thinking and acknowledgement, we would be done with the senseless bloodshed and heinous acts of violence by now, wouldn’t you think? But in essence, we’re still in shock over the new reality we’ve been dealt in the last decade or so. we’re still coming to terms with the fact that WE ARE THE HERO OF OUR OWN STORY.

Some people, just enough to keep us from jumping on the evolutional band wagon — away from wars, pestilence and famine — refuse to wake up to reality. Truthfully, some of us are still stuck in a shared illusion that they are ‘other’. It’s Ok. It has to be. Eventually the truth of our shared finite resources and the inter-connectedness of all living things — including humans — will sink in, and then when we’re good and ready, we’ll actually act on it. With the grace and speed the internet provides the world, our realization is exponential, on a daily basis. Just a few moments ago, there was a person that didn’t realize how intelligent, compassionate and interconnected they were. It might feel weird or foreign, but at the very base of our being — we’ll affirm and validate this truth and BEGIN to LIVE and THRIVE again in an entirely new way. It’ll be quantum, believe me. We are on the precipice of an entirely new era, so keep your Super Hero clothes at the ready.

When this happens, we’ll all realize there’s enough of everything for everyone. There always has been. And if there isn’t enough to go around— for any reason — humans are resourceful. We have the scientific advancements, knowledge and wisdom to know how to remedy the problem. There is no legitimate reason to commit acts of violence or terrorism toward one another — for any reason, none. There’s no need. Our planet is trying to help us understand this by turning the conversation to HER life, instead of ours. We’ll never be able to listen and act on our own lives until we collectively reckon with our own agency-our free will and autonomy here on earth. If we don’t come to embracing this simple reality, our earth will have the last say when all is said and done. (Shame on you if you’ve forgotten, ignored and disrespected HER. You disrespect yourself when you disrespect HER.)

Look at the demons of our past. There aren’t many who have no excuse for their failings. The truth behind our failures is found in nearly every meaningful exchange/argument/decision of our day. Our leaders and cultural figureheads are no longer responsible for our failings. WE ARE IN CONTROL. Again, WE are the heroes of our own stories. Our faults continue to lie within.

Those who do see, hear and feel the event horizon of the end of human kind — and do nothing to #ClaimAgency in the face of inane nonsense, chaos and doubt — are doomed to live and die a faceless, loveless and empty existence. And by claiming agency, I do mean standing up for what you feel is right for yourself, for the lives of others — not usurping others agency or power. All of our voices are important in the dialog — regardless of ethnicity, ability or gender. We are all worthy of respect — starting with yourself is key. Life and love exist in plain sight and are always ripe for the taking. If you work at being present, no matter what — no matter how it feels — love will come to you. Presence is key though. Presence is our greatest super-power.

Humans ARE culture — our humanity is comprised of ALL cultures. To ignore or deny its celebration is another tick on the tally board for the kind of humans running around thinking they are above and ‘other’ and that there’s something better on the other side, if you live a ‘holy life’ of judgement. Poppycock! This is it. This walking life of a sh*t show is all we get. Get off your righteous high horse and open your eyes to the beauty and variation of the world around you. This is it. If you can’t see life and live staring back at you in the face, keep working at it.

So yes, if you have something special and different to say or do — all you creatives out there — you had better act now. You ARE the great minds of our time. #FindAgency Life is but a blink of an eye. Don’t waste your time in spaces of fear, doubt or complacency — it’s not what we were born to do. It’s not easy, but sometimes— it’s the MOST we can do, for ourselves and one another. #DoWhatYouCan

We were born to shine — to live — to love, in ways no one has ever done or even imagined doing — ever. Do yourself and everyone else a favor in 2023; #LiveAndLoveRadically. We’ll all be better for it.




Still learning how to live on planet earth ~ please, #RespectHer! The rest will resolve itself. Using spare time to #ChampionHumanity #AI is learning. #BeKind